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Overcoming Procrastination

17 Jul

Overcoming ProcrastinationI have often been asked how to overcome a habit of procrastination. My answer has been to set a goal on whatever you have been procrastinating about “doing” and then follow the 8-Step CALM Process for achieving goals, doing this over and over again in your subconscious mind. At the last CHI Seminar several participants wanted more than that answer as they were having challenges regarding procrastination as an issue in their lives. Questions arose such as “Why do we have procrastination?” and “What is it really?” and “How come it’s a habit that is really holding me back?” Because this explanation was really relevant in the CHI Seminar I felt I needed to pass it on to others – hence this E-Report.


When you have a habit it means that it’s firmly implanted in your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind wants everything it’s got … it’s like your Comfort Zone. Even if you have a bad habit you’ll keep on doing it; you see the subconscious mind (where habits reside) doesn’t judge good or bad. If you have the habit, the subconscious mind wants it and it keeps bringing the habit to the surface. Just imagine for example the habit of “smoking”, even though people know it’s not good for them – it’s “stuck” there as a habit.

The job of the Subconscious Mind

I say that the job is to “Keep you where you are now”. In other words, the subconscious mind wants what it’s got – it doesn’t want what it’s not got. How does it do that? The real answer is with sabotaging self talk. An example could be self talk, which says “I’m no good. I’ll never get it. I don’t deserve it. I haven’t been practising. I’ll fail anyway. I hate it.”

Have you ever heard those words when talking to yourself? Yes, most of us have – it’s sabotaging self talk which we put there and allowed it to perpetuate. The end result of this is, whatever it is we want to do, we are stopped because we now have the entrenched negative habit.

Can we change, or put into the subconscious mind whatever it is we do want? Of course – that’s what I teach! I have two main methods: one involves using goals in the Alpha Brainwave state and the other involves using Active Meditation in the Theta brainwave state.

We can change self talk to, for example “I’m getting better and better. I’m really good at …………… I’ve been practising and deserve to win ………….. Yes, I’ve got it!” When the subconscious mind has got these messages then, and only then, will whatever you want have a chance of happening.

 So what is procrastination?

When procrastination is a habit, then another way of expressing procrastination is that the subconscious mind is doing its job. That is, it – the subconscious mind – is keeping you where you are now.

In other words, whatever it is that you need to do, you will not do, because the subconscious mind is keeping you where you are now. You will keep procrastinating, preventing you from doing it, because that’s become the habit. The habit is to put off doing certain things. We can all procrastinate over individual small things and sometimes procrastination can loom so large – regarding almost every aspect of our daily life – that procrastination itself has become an entrenched habit.

So how can we change that? How can we achieve

Set a goal and use the CALM 8 Step method to “do the goal” moving it into the subconscious mind. So, even if procrastination (about a certain task) is a habit and you wish to really achieve something like for example “exercise” then you set a goal – “I love exercising every day for thirty minutes”. When you do this goal by visualising the end result and using emotion, then you are expanding the subconscious mind with the new goal.

Don’t race off and exercise immediately! That would then be using your willpower? and you’ll probably hate doing the exercise and thus create stress. Why? Because you have stepped outside your Comfort Zone.

So you “do the goal” first – over and over – and achieve it in your subconscious mind. You are actually creating a new neural pathway in your mind.

With this process you are expanding your Comfort Zone.You’ll know when you’re ready to move forward.You’ll be bursting out of your skin to exercise, you will be ready to step into the expanded part of your comfort zone – that is, expanding your subconscious mind with the new goal so that you now exercise, enjoying it and achieving without stress.

How can we change the habit of procrastination?

If it’s the actual habit of general procrastination you wish to change then use the same way as described – by putting the new goal into the subconscious mind – expanding it. A new goal for changing the habit of procrastination could be: “I enjoy the process of setting and achieving goals by deliberately expanding my comfort zone”.

Overcoming ProcrastinationOnce you have that goal in your subconscious mind you will not procrastinate any more. Will you remember that you used to be a procrastinator? Of course! Just like one remembers they were a smoker. However, you have overlayed the old habit with the new habit in your subconscious so that the newer habit, the new neural pathway, will come up first.

Easy isn’t it? I would like you to develop the mental picture of walking in life towards something you want. That is, 12% of the conscious mind is going towards what you want; 88% of the subconscious mind is sabotaging you because it hasn’t got it yet. So it’s pulling you back. Which one wins? The subconscious 88% of course. Now expand the subconscious with the new goal. Now you have 88% and 12% working towards whatever it is you want and that’s when you get it faster!

So, just do goals and remember the job of the subconscious is to keep you where you are now. The job of the conscious mind is to put into the subconscious whatever you wish to achieve.

Enjoy the Success Stories below, and ……………..

All the best,

Sandy MacGregor